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Upcoming Events in Prithvi Theatre

The Prithvi Theatre is one of the subsidiaries of Shri Prithviraj Kapoor Memorial Trust & Research Foundation. It endeavours to promote professional theatre, primarily the Hindi Theatre, by managing and providing a well-equipped space at reasonable costs, with all of the technical facilities. The Prithvi Theatre hosts performances from Tuesday to Sunday each week through the year with more than 643 shows in a year and an average attendance of audience of 77%. Various plays in Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati take place. During summers, they offer various plays for children, and each November, the theatre is home to the annual festival of Prithvi Theatre

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Aranya’s Island – Welcome to a world without adults! No school, homework, rules or punishments. This is the place where the child could do whatever it felt like. A few school kids get stuck on an island with no adults to set rules. What happens next?

Aranya’s Production is inspired from various works of child literature, which uses metaphors and allegories to represent the microcosms of the society in adventurous tales.
Date - 29 Apr.
Time – 12 PM

Gajjab Pathshala - This play revolves around the children of a school that are very naughty. Everything is a joke for them. But situations take a turn and the children realize their mistake and rectify it. They are quite successful in doing so while their school acknowledges their effort and takes pride in them. The naughty children transform into understanding and sensitive ones and set an example for all the other children.
Date - Sat, 30 Apr 2016
Time – 12 PM

IPTA’s Moteram – Munshi Premchand bravely exposed this British game in the 30s in the short story called Satyagrah. Strangely, the legacy prevailed long after their 1947 departure and the native rulers then stepped into the shoes of the British. In the dramatized version, Habib Tanvir and Safdar Hashmi focus on the relevance of Satyagrah to present Indian milieu. A farce on today's Indian political scenario, the play is an attempt to stir one's conscience in the stark realities of our politico-religious nexus. This is a hilarious, yet a thought-provoking play.
Date - Sat, 30 Apr 2016
Time – 6pm 

Sur vs Asur - A Musical Play for Children - One fine night Adarsh falls asleep during studying for the music history exam. The boy in his dreams, with his sister named Nidhi, enters a strange new world full of music and he encounters interesting personalities at each step of his way. This is a story on adventure, struggle, friendship, and celebration.

Trips around Town - Learning Planet: 

Hop onto the bus and travel to the Nehru planetarium, or see the helicopters at the Pawan Hans, watch a playful play at the Prithvi Theatre, or enjoy a summer party at the Juhu beach and lots more.
Kindly send dry snacks and water with the little ones.
Date - Mon, 16 May 2016 Till 20 May
Time – 11 AM

So, are you ready for a tour of Prithvi Theatre this summer?

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Old And Weathered Monuments Where Lives The Past Of Delhi

With its rich and complex history Delhi has a plenty of landmarks and verifiable structures jostling for space with advanced developments. If you adore history and medieval architecture, this is the city you should visit.
The most dominant amongst Delhi's landmarks is perhaps the grandiose Red Fort.Built with red sandstone; it remains as a sign of Delhi's supreme past, and an affirmation to its present position as the country's capital. It is from here that on every year, on Independence Day the Prime Minister addresses the country.

The stronghold, a landmark to Mughal design was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The fort served as both the castle complex and the authoritative focus of Mughal administration since the landmark was finished. It has the Diwan e Aam and the Diwan e Khas, which were utilized for public hearing and addressing private group of dignified people were ruled by the ruler.
In close vicinity to the Red Fort stands the Jama Masjid. The mosque is the biggest in India, with ability to house 5000 persons at once. The glorious landmark was constructed as a supplement to the Red Fort, which it faces. The ruler used to go with his entourage from the Red Fort to the Jama Masjid each Friday for the congregational petitions to God. The landmark has three entryways, one of which used to be only held for the sovereign. It is delegated by three particular vaults and flanked by tall minarets, which are conceivably the tallest towers in Delhi with the exception of the Qutub Minar.
The Qutub Minar pre dates both Red Fort and  Jama Masjid. Interestingly, it as well, was constructed as a tower for praying to God for a close-by mosque. While the mosque has vanished a long time ago, the tall landmark has survived the test of time.

The development of the Minar was begun by Qutub ud Din Aibak, the first ruler of the slave dynasty. Be that as it may, he couldn't finish it in his lifetime and the landmark was finished by his successor Altamash. Additionally called Iltutmish, he added three towers to the landmark, and finally Alauddin Khilji at long last finished the work.

Likewise situated in the old Delhi zone, to which Red Fort and Jama Masjid belong to, is Shish Ganj Sahib, the gurudwara was constructed to mark the spot where the ninth master, Guru Teg Bahadur breathed his last.
Aside from these, rich set landmarks were constructed by the British in an unmistakably English style. The Rashtrapati Bhavan, which was prior known as the Viceregal House, is maybe the finest exhibit of colonial era design. This landmark is currently utilized as the President's palace is one among the numerous constructed by engineer Edwin Lutyens. There is a whole area in the capital named after the man due to the lovely bungalows he designed.

If you are one of the individuals who are enthusiasts about history and historical architecture, Delhi is a large open air gallery that you ought to visit. You can all necessary information on the web; starting from when to visit, how to reach, flights from Mumbai, Bangalore to Delhi flights fare, trains from Srinagar, budget hotels, etc.

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Nainital, a hill station apt for a great weekend

Situated at an elevation of around 2,084 meters over the sea level, Nainital is a renowned hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. The town is situated nearby the foothills of the Kumaon area of the outer Himalayas. The town is renowned for its variety of attractions and because of its good atmosphere lasting through the year. The town's economy, as most hill stations in India is based upon tourism and consequently different kind of facilities are accessible for the tourists. If you stay in Delhi, then Nainital is probably the best weekend getaway is it is not that far away. Just book a Delhi to Nainital Taxi and get ready to have a good vacation in the lap of the nature. 

Nainital Lake: Referred as the Naini Lake, it is arranged amidst the town and is kind of a lifeline for Nainital. Boating facilities are accessible for the guests and then again a moderate paced walk around the lake will offer a quiet unwinding like no other.

Naina Peak: Known as the Cheena or China Peak by local people, Naina Peak is the most astounding hill in Nainital. It is arranged at an altitude of 2,615 meters above sea level and is a mainstream trekking spot in Nainital. The spot is known to offer most astonishing view of the whole valley and Nainital situated close to the Naini Lake..

Tiffin Top: Located at an elevation of 2292 meters above sea level, Tiffin Top is one of the most famous spots to witness some of the best views of Himalayas and Nainital. The spot is also known as Dorothy’s seat as Dorothy Kellet used to sit at very spot and paint. 

Gurney House: Gurney House alludes to a cabin which is acclaimed for being the living arrangement of the famous conservationist Jim Corbett. The house was constructed in 1881 and is situated close to the Nainital Lake. The materials utilized as a part of the building were reused segments of an old house which was built at this site.

Snow View: One of the best places to see Himalayas in Nainital, the Snow View is situated at a height of 2,270 above ocean level reachable by cable cabins. It gives astounding and beautiful views of the snow capped Himalayas with the peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul. The stay is chargeable for every hour that you spend at the place and you can go there at anytime between 10 am to 5 pm.

One of the most scenic hill station in North India, a visit is a must there and don’t worry about Delhi to Nainital distance as it is just an overnight drive away. So, just book a Delhi to Nainital taxi to go on a nice long weekend this month. 
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A Sneak Peek into the Culture and Society of Ooty

Ooty, also called Udhagamandalam, whose Anglicized name then came to be known as Ootacamund, was initially alluded to as the Queen of hill stations by the British, given its captivating excellence and beautiful profound valleys. Situated in the midst of the Nilgiri mountain ranges, Ooty has a scene set apart by tea gardens, eucalyptus trees and a thick vegetation. The well known Kurunji flower, which sprouts once in twelve years, gives the slants of the Nilgiri mountains a somewhat blue tinge.

Ooty tour packages are famous amongst honeymooners and travellers who wish to spend tranquil moments in the lap of nature. So if you too are keen on buying one, then it is suggested to know a bit about the culture and society of this beautiful South Indian hill station, to make the most of your trip to Ooty.

Colonial Ooty

This spot was initially possessed by a local tribe called Todas, along with some other minor tribes. They then gave over the political control of the region to John Sullivan, the then Governor of Coimbatore. He formed the spot into a major tea and coffee picking town and supported the ranches of tea, teak and chinchona trees, a legacy that the town is still keeping up. He is said to have likewise savagely battled for the area privileges of the local tribes and seeked to render them social acknowledgment and appreciation.

Then, the Treaty of Srirangapatnam in 1799, was a defining moment in the verifiable and social shapes of the Nilgiris locale. The surrendered lands held by Tipu Sultan legitimately went under the East India Company.

Ooty served as the mid year capital of the Madras Presidency of the Britishers, and even was utilized as a holiday resort for the British warriors.

Post-Independence Ooty

After Independence, Ooty has proceeded on a development direction. Bragging of a noteworthy Literacy Rate of more than 80%, Ooty additionally merits a credit for keeping up an exceptionally adjusted Sex Ratio. It progressed as the most celebrated hill station of South India, and today serves as the District Headquarters of the Nilgiri area.

The British culture still keeps on applying its impact, and the spot is a rural center developing English fruits like plums, pears, strawberries and some English vegetables like potato, cabbage, and carrot. Dairy cultivation is another activity among local people that is an essential contributing component to the economy. What's more, clearly, tourism industry is again something that works out easily for the nearby individuals, and therefore, every year, you can expect to see Ooty tour packages being sold out like hot cakes to tourists from around the world. In any case, in the late years, non-reasonable utilization of characteristic assets by especially tourism industry has put an over the top strain on water and street offices of the territory.

So buddy, wear your travelling hat on your head and be prepared to get astonished at the artfulness with which nature has offered this spot with excellence, and how the masses have guzzled the rich society and history further bolstering its good fortune.

Bon Voyage!
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Why is Ranikhet called the Queen's Meadow of Kumaon

There is a history related to the alluring charm of Ranikhet and the name of this place. According to a be-lief, Queen Padmini was in love with this place and in order to win her acceptance, King Sudhardev had build a palace here for her and name it ‘Ranikhet’ which means the Queen’s field. Although there are no traces of the palace but even till date Ranikhet remains all the same bewitchingly beautiful as if a part of heaven has been made to exist on Earth.

Story behind rediscovery of Ranikhet

Ranikhet was brought back into the picture after the British Raj took control of India and they were looking for a place to set down the headquarters of Kumaon Regiment. It was during these times that amidst the hilly ranges of Kumaon and Pine forests, they came across the beautiful city of Ranikhet. The place was bought for a cheap amount from the locals who lived here and it was after this that this place got popular as a summer getaway and even today some of the best resorts in Ranikhet stay jam packed in summers due to this lace attracting tourists.

The place and its beauty

Ranikhet is referred to as the Queen’s Meadow of Uttarakhand due to the extensively rich green coverage that the place has. There are tall coniferous trees and long stretched fields of green grass for as far as the eyes can see. The place has remained unchanged except for the little human development and the air one breathes is still free from pollution, carrying the smell of pine and vineyards within itself. Ranikhet remains all the same irresistibly charming in all the seasons and has long been a peaceful abode for the city dwellers who come here to get rejuvenated.

The place is small yet full of tourists’ attractions. The Chaubatia Garden is one of the popular orchards in the region where peaches, apples and apricots grow round the year. The Upat Golf Course here is one of the highest golf courses in the world. The place also houses some popular Hindu shrines like the historical Jhoola Devi temple, ancient Mankameshwar and Gandhi’s Karmabhoomi Tarikhet.

Although it is just a small hill station, Ranikhet carries a world of its own within itself with gems of past hid-den inside it. The place is a must visit and to make the most out of the trip, try staying at a heritage hotel in Ranikhet for the best experience.
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Apple iPhone SE Vs iPhone 5c - What's the difference?

In the year 2013, Apple introduced its first ‘budget’ iPhone called the iPhone 5c to boost its sales in the emerging smartphone markets like India. It has been the only 4-inch iPhone available on the market in the recent years after the iPhone 5s. Now the Cupertino tech giant has introduced another 4-inch offering in a smartphone market that is mostly populated by devices offering 5-inch or higher screen sizes. Since the Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have permanently been discontinued by the company, the iPhone SE is now the only 4-inch iPhone available on the market. However, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are still available via offline and online retailers, but their stock is limited. 

So if you’re wondering about the differences between the old iPhone 5c and the latest iPhone SE, let’s put both smartphones on the table and compare their features.

Apple iPhone SE vs Apple iPhone 5c: Apple’s budget smartphones do battle 


Since the Apple iPhone 5c was meant to be a budget offering for pocket-conscious buyers, the phone wasn’t released with a premium design. It comes with a brightly coloured plastic shell, which is available in blue, white, yellow and pink. The device is a bit bulky with a 9mm waistline, and tips the scale at 132 grams. The iPhone SE on the other hand sports one of the most iconic design languages available from Apple. It flaunts a premium aluminium design with a two-tone colour scheme, which is available in gold, silver, rose gold and space gray hues. It is slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 5c with a 7.6mm waistline and 113 grams weight. Overall, when it comes to the design, the iPhone SE is a clear winner.

Display and OS

In the display area, the iPhone 5C and iPhone SE offer the same features. They come with 4-inch Retina Displays boasting screen resolutions of 1,136 x 640 pixels, resulting into a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. They are among the brightest 4-inch smartphones you can find on the market. The compact size of these devices is one of the major selling points for them. Software-wise, the Apple iPhone 5c runs on iOS 9 as this is the latest iOS build from Apple. The Apple iPhone SE also runs iOS 9, but the latest iOS 9.3 version build, and offers Live Photos and Apple Pay support. So in the OS and display segment, they are quite similar. 


Moving on to the configuration, the Apple iPhone 5C came with the Apple A6 processor, aided by 1GB of RAM. It arrived in 16GB and 32GB internal memory variants, just like the Apple iPhone 5s. The Apple iPhone SE on the other hand rocks a quite powerful Apple A9 processor, M9 motion co-processor, and 2GB of RAM, just like the iPhone 6s phablet. In addition to the 16GB edition, the iPhone SE also brings a 64GB internal memory variant as well. So if you are looking for high-end performance in the compact 4-inch segment, then the iPhone SE will not disappoint you for sure.  

The Apple iPhone 5C offers the same camera specs as the iPhone 5s. The phone comes with an 8-megapixel primary snapper with full HD video recording support, and a 1.2-megapixel secondary snapper for selfies and video calling needs. The Apple iPhone SE on the other hand sports much better camera specs than the iPhone 5c. It comes with 12-megapixel primary iSight camera with a true-tone LED flash, 4K video recording support, Live Photos, improved low-light images, sapphire crystal lens covers, and supports Panoramas up to 63-megapixel. For selfies, it gets the same 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera as the iPhone 5c. So if you are looking for excellent camera specs, then the iPhone SE is one of the best iPhones in the budget segment. 

Connectivity and battery
In terms of connectivity, the iPhone 5c and iPhone SE offer 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and single-SIM slots. However, the iPhone SE also gets the TouchID fingerprint sensor for extra security integrated directly into the home button. The phone also offers NFC for mobile payments via Apple Pay, VoLTE support, and faster Wi-Fi with support for 433mbps downloading speed. When it comes to battery capacity, the iPhone 5c packs a 1,510mAh battery inside, while the iPhone SE packs in a bigger 1,642mAh battery. Overall, when it comes to the connectivity and battery, the iPhone SE is a winner. 

Apple introduced the iPhone 5c for the budget conscious buyers. The phone offers a bright display, a decent processor, decent internal memory variants, decent connectivity options and battery life. However, the phone has been permanently discontinued by the company. The iPhone SE is now the most affordable iPhone on the market, which is priced at Rs 39,000 for the 16GB variant. It brings a premium appealing design, a powerful processor, a better iSight camera, and a long-lasting battery. If you are planning to buy it, the phone will go on sale in India via Redington retail stores across the country from April 8th.
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Top 5 places for girls gang to chill out

Have a girl gang? One trip for a life time with your girl friends is a must then. Bring alive those school or college days and fun and the child in you. Play pranks and have full fun with them when you go for a holiday. There are some lovely places in India, which a girl group can consider for their group tour. 

Girl friends are the best things that can happen to us. It’s time to pack your bags and get away with your girls to a perfect holiday.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan: The bright, sunny and colorful Jaisalmer welcomes you with its warm heart. Amidst the sand dunes and the camel rides of Thar Dessert, girls can have an absolute fun packed journey. The golden sand stone fort stand high and one can also plan for a desert camp and a night safari too. When it is an all girl trip, then shopping should not be missed. Go for the colorful Rajasthani salwar suits and mirror sequined sandals, which you just cannot miss.

Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh: Have an adventurous girl gang? Love to reach the land of Tigers? Then Kanha National Park is perfect for your gang. The tigers, deer and other wild life animals are there to greet you. In fact, if one plans to visit it during the time of winter, they can also observe a large number of migratory birds there. If your girl gang loves photography, then this is a perfect photographer’s delight. Put on your cargos and go for it.

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu: If you are bored with crowded sea beaches and need some personal time with your girl friends, then Pondicherry can be a perfect getaway for you. The secluded beaches are the best where you can be free with your girl gang. The other delightful thing is the delectable French cuisines available here. If you are a foodie and have a foodie group, then nothing like it. Dig into some refreshing Italian and French cuisine there, and then, also visit Auroville to calm your restlessness there.

Darjeeling, West Bengal: Love mountains and want to enjoy it with your friends along with a mug of hot chocolate? Here is Darjeeling for you, the queen of mountains. You can also reach New Jalpaiguri station and then board a toy train to Darjeeling. The experience is unforgettable. The majestic Kanchenjunga welcomes your gang there. You and your friends can also dig into some delicious foods and take a hand on ice trekking and jeep safaris.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: Want to have an adrenaline rush journey? Go for river rafting, white water rafting, and bungee jumping with your girl gang in Rishikesh. The hanging bridge there at the foothill of mountains make you fall in love with the place. Your girls will love it too.

Train routes are available in all the above mentioned places. Plan your trip and board your train. You can buy the tickets online and at the same time opt for online food order in train to make your journey more enjoyable.
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Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Chinese mobile maker, Xiaomi is all braced up to take over the Indian mobile market with it’s yet another new affordable mobile handset - the Redmi Note 3. Xiaomi has managed to get very popular among the Indian smartphone buyers with good quality devices that flaunt premium looks and are stuffed with great features tagged with attractive price tags. With the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, the company is going to fight head on with the other players which are also increasingly getting popular in the Indian budget smartphone market such as Huawei, LeEco, Micromax and among others. Xiaomi will also have to fight its fellow Chinese mobile manufacturer – Lenovo which is also all ready with its new Vibe K5 Plus for the Indian smartphone market. Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus will be hitting the Indian market on 15th of March, 2016. 

Both Lenovo and Xiaomi are two very important players in the mobile phone market in China as well as in India, as both of these companies offer an array of attractive smartphone models that come with alluring features and are laden with heavy-duty latest specs in order to lure in buyers in the market. While Lenovo has been around in India for quite some time with its great smartphone and tablet models, Xiaomi is relatively new, but it is nonetheless very popular and is increasing in its success level when it comes to the Indian market. Although at launch, the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will be rivaling the Lenovo K4 Note, and Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus will be coming as yet another alternative rival which can effectively distract away buyers from the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 in India.

As both the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and the new Vibe K5 Plus smartphones will be launching in India at around the same time in the Indian market, the mobile buyers will get two new great choices to consider while grabbing a new handset. However, at the same time, one might get easily confused about which one to go for and might get perplexed about which among these two will be a wiser buy in terms of quality, features as well as value for money aspects. This write-up intends to help the prospective smartphone buyers by offering a quick comparison between the new arrivals – Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

So, here’s a look at what all both these new smartphone models are loaded with:
The new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes packed with a large and vibrant 5.5 inch Full HD screen with a screen resolution of 1080p. The bright display adds to the beauty of the smartphone that flaunts a premium metallic unibody. The display of the Redmi Note 3 comes with great modes which are ideal for various usage conditions like reading mode, sunlight mode and night model to enhance the user experience. On the other hand, Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus comes with similar Full HD display with a screen resolution of 1080p, but in a smaller size of 5 inch. This means that the pixel density of the screen is higher resulting in better clarity and vibrancy. This mobile comes with a great sturdy metal structure but not a unibody design, this result in the flexibility of a removable back panel and removable battery pack that is not possible in a unibody structure.

The Redmi Note 3 boasts of a great 16 MP primary camera at the rear with face and smile detection, PDAF, HDR, and dual tone LED flash. The handset offers a front facing 5 MP camera which comes with 36 smart beauty profiles to offer great selfies.

The Vibe K5 Plus comes with a standard 13 MP primary shooter at its back that come equipped with LED flash and auto focus, while there is also a 5 MP Selfie snapper that comes with fixed focus.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 gets powered by a 64 bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Hexa core chipset, while Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus comes packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 Octa core chipset that ticks at 1.7 GHz speed. While real world performance can be determined only after both the devices are tested hands-on, but as far as the specs on paper are concerned, the Redmi Note 3 wins hands down over the Vibe K5 Plus.

RAM & Storage
The Redmi Note 3 comes with the support of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage space, while there is also a model option that offers 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB inbuilt memory, the latter is supposed to be first available in India. The Vibe K5 Plus comes with 2 GB of RAM along with 16 GB of inbuilt storage which can be expanded with a help of microSD card to up to 32 GB.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 draws its juice from a massive 4,000 mAh non-removable battery pack that should offer impressive backup for a whole day of great work and play. On the other hand, Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus packs in a comparatively puny 2,750 mAh battery, but it is a removable unite, so it does offer the flexibility of carrying an additional pack on the go. 

Xiaomi mobiles are great hit for their premium features and the Redmi Note 3 will be no different. This handset will also come with many interesting features including a fingerprint sensor which is given a miss in Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus. Both of these handsets will come with all latest connectivity options including 4G LTE support.

Considering everything, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 seems to be a clear winner and beats Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus even before its market launch. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is surely a better choice and a more feature loaded device than Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus. The Redmi Note 3 is certainly a more premium device with better design, specs, camera, other features with a larger display and battery, while the Vibe K5 Plus seems to be another mediocre model though a capable one. Now, personal preference and price difference will finally decide your own pick.
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